Far Cry

Navigate treacherous tropical landscapes and uncover deep conspiracies in this immersive first-person shooter


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  • Category Action
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  • Works under: Windows 98
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Joonas “Regalis” Rikkonen

Experience a Tropical Paradise in a Whole New Way

Far Cry is hailed as one of the best first person shooter games around. In fact, the game is so popular that a series of sequels have been released as well as an action film. Read on to understand what makes Far Cry so good.

The tropical setting of Far Cry is deceptive, as it is simply set with danger. Gamers play the role of Jack Carver, who is a freelance mariner who is less than enchanted with this island paradise. After arriving, his boat was destroyed by a militia group and his passenger Valerie went missing. Jack must now use all his wits to survive and find out what is going on before he is murdered by unknown assassins.

Far Cry pushes the boundaries of combat to whole new levels. The latest graphics and technology have been used to make the game world extremely layered and realistic. There are lots of different areas to explore and gamers are sure to enjoy simply wandering around the island. A story sense of menace permeates the game, providing plenty of chills despite the graphic sunshine.

One of the main missions that gamers embark on is rescuing Valerie from the army of mercenaries. Of course, these mercenaries are armed to the teeth, and taking them down is no easy task. The story becomes more and more detailed as gamers progress and there are plenty of twists and interesting developments that will really keep gamers on their toes and engaged.

The attention to detail of the game is absolutely astonishing. The beaches come complete with blinding white sand lapped with crystal clear water, while the dense jungles are filled with birds and insects. The lighting and shading is very captivating and players may often feel as though they are actually exploring a film set while sat in the comfort of their room.

The characters in Far Cry are also well developed and interacting with them can be a lot of fun. The balance between puzzle solving, exploring and all out shooting is very well managed and there are no opportunities to get bored here. Just when you think you understand what is going on, you find yourself faced with new challenges and tasks that may well make you question your role in the game in a fun way that tests your mental powers.

Stealth plays a major part in Far Cry and creeping through the jungle is exciting. Players will need to use their strategy skills to plan their moves because the bad guys are much more numerous and experienced. Make a false move and you could easily find that you are blown to oblivion or end up swimming with the fishes.

The voice acting can be rather corny at times and may make players cringe at first. However, this fits with the style of Far Cry very well and seems to have been done on purpose rather than simply being an oversight. Gamers are invited to laugh along with the game rather than laughing at it.

Far Cry fully deserves its title as one of the most exciting first player shooters. Gamers who are a fan of this genre will love the detailed story and great range of options that Far Cry provides. The element of mystery that the game provides makes it far more interesting than simply hunting and shooting targets and there is lot for gamers to explore and numerous challenges to take on.


  • Excellent gaming graphics
  • A very detailed story
  • The action is very detailed


  • The game can be rather challenging at times
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